‘Very Offended Badger’ Seizes Half Of 500-Yr-Outdated Scottish Citadel

It’s like one thing from a Monty Python sketch: Parts of a 16th-century Scottish citadel have been lately closed to the general public resulting from a “very indignant badger.”

The tunnel at Craignethan Citadel was closed final week due to the animal, mentioned Historic Scotland, which manages the property. The badger apparently wandered in from the close by forest, per the BBC.

It’s not clear what the animal did to depart the impression that it was “very indignant”:

Observers on Twitter steered feeding mushrooms, peanuts and peanut butter to the badger, however cameras despatched in on Saturday revealed that Historic Scotland’s cat meals plot could have labored because the creature appeared to have fled the scene. 

Nevertheless, the badger dug by way of unfastened soil and stonework, forsaking a large number, the Scotsman reported. Though the tunnel will keep shuttered whereas it’s cleaned, the remainder of the citadel will probably be open to vacationers. 

In-built 1530, Craignethan is famous for its fortifications, which have been constructed to guard it from artillery and regarded forward of their time. Though a rampart was demolished in 1579, its ruins stay on the grounds. 

Badgers are Scotland’s largest wild carnivores. Whereas they’re typically not aggressive towards people, a wounded or cornered animal could assault ― and in a tunnel such because the one at Craignethan, a badger encountering a human might certainly really feel cornered. 

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