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Stephen Hawking thought The Simpsons was the most effective present on US TV

Regardless of being wheelchair-bound, nearly fully paralysed and unable to talk besides by his trademark voice synthesiser, Stephen Hawking wrote an abundance of scientific papers that earned him comparisons with Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.

However on the identical time, he embraced in style tradition with enthusiasm and humour.

Professor Hawking made a cameo in The Simpsons and there’s a scene the place he says to Homer at Moe’s Tavern: “Your idea of a doughnut-shaped universe is intriguing Homer – I could need to steal it.”

On the wall of his workplace at Cambridge College was a clock depicting Homer Simpson.

He’s mentioned to have glared on the clock at any time when a customer was late.

Talking about his time on The Simpsons, Professor Hawking mentioned: “The enchantment of The Simpsons is that the characters show all of the traits we see in ourselves.

“Specifically, Homer is the final word younger, middle-aged man. A father who repeatedly fails his youngsters, except he’s at work and is all the time making an attempt to get one thing for nothing.

“My daughter knew one of many scriptwriters. He advised me he wished to write down an episode involving me.

“I accepted instantly as a result of it could be enjoyable and since The Simpsons is the most effective factor on American tv.

“The episode was very humorous and nearly as many individuals know me by The Simpsons as by my science.”

stephen hawking tv film music cameos professor hawking the simpsons pink floyd star trek GETTY

Stephen Hawking was the voice over for an advert which was sampled by Pink Floyd

Throughout his cameo, his chair additionally doubled up as a helicopter and a spring boxing glove launched out to punch Principal Skinner.

The Professor added: “My therapy in The Simpsons was all the time good-humoured. I used to be depicted as a considerably surreal character with monumental powers.

“I wouldn’t like to make use of a boxing glove however generally I’m sorely tempted. However helicopter blades can be very helpful.”

Professor Hawking additionally appeared on one other hit cartoon made by the identical creators as The Simpsons – Futurama.

The primary character Fry says: “Wow Stephen Hawking, aren’t you the man who invented gravity?”

stephen hawking tv film music cameos professor hawking the simpsons pink floyd star trek GETTY

Stephen Hawking was the one movie star cameo to play himself on Star Trek

Mr Hawking replies: “Certain, why not?”

The professor additionally spends the episode taking credit score for different individuals’s discoveries, claiming it’s his “concept”.

Professor Hawking additionally appeared on the cult TV present, Star Trek.

Within the Season 6 cliffhanger, “Descent, Half 1”, Information is seen taking part in poker with holographic depictions of Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

This made him the one visitor in any Star Trek sequence to play himself.

stephen hawking tv film music cameos professor hawking the simpsons pink floyd star trek GETTY

Stephen Hawking was portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in The Principle of Every thing

Stephen Hawking was the voice-over for a British telecom advert that was later sampled on Pink Floyd’s the album, The Division Bell.

Guitarist and singer David Gilmour was so moved by Hawking’s sentiment within the advert that he contacted the promoting firm to make use of permission to make use of the recordings for the album.

It’s typically thought that Stephen Hawking lent his voice to the Radiohead observe “Fitter Happier”, however it’s simply Thom Yorke’s computerised voice.

He has been talked about by many different artists, equivalent to Manic Avenue Preacher’s with a observe known as “Me and Stephen Hawking”.

Different tv appearances Stephen Hawking made included: Final Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Tradition Present. (Simpsons particular), Alien Planet, I Love the World, Late Evening with Conan O’Brien, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, Masters of Science Fiction, a particular programme about Crimson Dwarf, TV Offal, The 11th Hour, Genius of Britain, The Huge Bang Principle, Crimson Nostril Day 2015 and College Problem 2016-17.

He has additionally been portrayed in TV and films equivalent to Hawking, performed by Benedict Cumberbatch in a drama about Hawking’s time as a postgraduate at Cambridge.

In Stargate Atlantis and Superhero Film, he was portrayed by an actor.

The hit movie The Principle of Every thing he was portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in a biopic about Hawking from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

He has been referenced in numerous TV reveals equivalent to Physician Who, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Malcolm within the Center, Seinfeld, Household Man and Dexter’s Laboratory.

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