‘Star Wars’ Fan Finds Poignant Connection Between ‘A New Hope’ And ‘The Final Jedi’

An statement made by one eagle-eyed Twitter consumer has “Star Wars” followers being attentive to a heartbreaking connection between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Luke’s story in “Episode IV: A New Hope” kicks off with a projection of Leia desperately asking for assist. He embarks on a mission to take action with Obi-Wan Kenobi, setting in movement the sci-fi saga as comprehend it right now.

(Warning: “Final Jedi” spoilers forward.) 

Forty years later, “Episode VIII: The Final Jedi” ends with Luke utilizing a power projection to assist Leia and in the end sacrifice his life.

For extra context, those that haven’t seen “A New Hope” shortly may not do not forget that Leia sends a projection of herself to Obi-Wan Kenobi begging him to take the Loss of life Star plans, which she’s stolen, and convey them again to her house planet of Alderaan for her father to investigate. The projection and the stolen plans had been saved in R2-D2, an astromech droid, who then fled and ended up on the planet of Tatooine.

Whereas on Tatooine, he’s discovered by Luke. When R2-D2 goes lacking, Luke appears to be like for him and finds Obi-Wan.

In “The Final Jedi”, Luke makes use of an astral projection in an effort to idiot Kylo Ren into pondering he’s really on Crait as a substitute of the planet Ach-To. When Ren and Skywalker interact in a lightsaber duel, Skywalker’s projection is struck. An exhausted Skywalker, really on Ach-To, then dies ― all in an effort to assist Leia and the Resistance.

The tweet from consumer @jmmcnabagain stating this comparability has gone viral, with many remarking on how good of a catch it was:

If this statement wasn’t emotional sufficient (as a result of R.I.P., Luke Skywalker), then it solely will get worse when you think about that Carrie Fisher’s Leia won’t ever get to return again and stand up with the Resistance as she deliberate.

Fisher handed away in December 2016 after struggling a coronary heart assault, simply after ending principal images on “The Final Jedi.”

Carrie Fisher in October 2016.

Had she lived, Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy mentioned, the following a part of the saga ― “Episode IX” ― would have been “her film.”

“She was having a blast,” mentioned Kennedy in an interview with Vainness Truthful final yr.

“The minute she completed, she grabbed me and mentioned, ‘I’d higher be on the forefront of “IX”!’ As a result of Harrison [Ford] was entrance and heart on ‘VII,’ and Mark [Hamill] is entrance and heart on ‘VIII.’ She thought ‘IX’ can be her film. And it could have been.”

CORRECTION: A earlier model of this story indicated that “The Final Jedi” was Episode VII of Star Wars as a substitute of Episode VIII.

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