On Poila Boishakh Sheikh Hasina Says I Will not Eat Ilish, You Do not Both. Save The Hilsa

On Poila Boishakh Sheikh Hasina Says I Won't Eat Ilish, You Don't Either. Save The Hilsa

Sheikh Hasina says she will not eat hilsa on Poila Boishakh

Dhaka: Poila Boishakh or the Bengali New Yr is only a day away and the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, is on a mission to avoid wasting the well-known ‘hilsa’ or the Asian river salmon.”I’ll eat panta bhat and shutki bhorta, not ilish, onPohela Boishakh,” the prime minister informed Dhaka Tribune on Thursday. The dried mashed fish, hilsa and rice soaked in a single day in water are historically a part of the New Yr feast in Bangladesh.

For the final two years, Sheikh Hasina has been urging individuals to cease catching the hilsa earlier than the monsoon season, when shoals of this silver white fish swim upstream for spawning.

Yearly, ranging from March 1, Bangladesh imposes a two-month ban on catching hilsa in a number of southern districts, to manage over-fishing of this fish, which is a delicacy amongst Bengalees, residing anyplace on the earth.

In January this 12 months, the Bangladesh authorities lifted an indefinite ban on hilsa export; the nation had launched a frantic marketing campaign in 2012 to guard the hilsa. The fish is a serious export merchandise to neighbouring India and several other Center Jap nations. The nation’s fisheries minister stated Bangladesh was shedding out on taxes as a variety of fish was being smuggled into India.

In Kolkata, meals curators on the main inns are in a race with their Poila Boishak menu. From smoked to fried and the fish in mustard sauce, hilsa guidelines.

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