Mexico City earthquake: 7.1 magnitude quake hits DAYS after biggest in century – 273 dead

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At least 273 people have been killed and 1900 left injured after a huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Mexico, causing hunderds of buildings to collapse in the capital, Mexico City.

The quake started shaking the city at 1:15pm local time and of the 273 people confirmed dead so far, at least 100 of whom were in the capital city, Mexico City.

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto confirmed that 22 bodies had been recovered from a collapsed school where there are still 48 people missing, the authorities are doing the impossible to find the missing people.

The people are desperate. In an interview for the local station one woman, a 32 years old mother said: “They keep pulling kids out, but we know nothing of my daughter”.


A heroic rescuer has saving a 12 years old girl trapped beneath a collapsed school.

David Porras the hero said: “We have a lot of hope that some will still be rescued”.

Another information comes from the Enrique Rebsamen School where 11 children were rescued, in this school the student are aged roughly 6 to 15 but 21 students and 4 adults were killed.

The citizen of Mexico are volunteering to rescue the people trapped in the collapsed buildings. Students trapped in the schools are using Whatsapp to message their parents and make it easier for the rescuers to locate them. The rescuers are making the impossible working 24 hours to save the people, but meteorological conditions are also bad, the rain is devastating Mexico City making it more difficult for them to save the people because now it also matter of time for the underground trapped victims who risk to drown.

Even the saved ones, once healing from the damage, are going for volunteer workers and giving a hand for this tragic situation.

Some volunteers, soldier and other people formed a human chain and dug with hammers to pick up sand-covered survivors and dead bodies.

Officials are communicating for the media that they believe there could be people still alive in 10 collapsed buildings in Mexico City.

Del Valle, a middle-class neighborhood in the capital, was among those hit hardest by the quake and all but a few buildings on one street were reduces to rubble.

The recues were applauded in Opera, central Mexico City, when they saved from the ashes four people alive, with cheers of “si se puede” that is translated in “Yes We Can”.

A lot of building were destroyed and we still don’t know the exact number of the victims, dead or alive.

Many counties has send their recues to Mexico for the survived victims, and many organizations has send volunteer to rescue the victims. Some of this countries are USA, Spain, Germany etc. We hope that the volunteers saves as much as possible for the good of the families, and to relief the pain of the tragic disaster.


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