Kim Jong Un called Trump a Dotard

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Kim jong Un the supreme leader of the North Korea is still declaining to deactivate the bombs he have created, and before Trump he made a fight with Obama.
Trump is making a fight nowadays to close all the nuclear factories that Korea have but the supreme leader doesnt want this, he want a new world war wich would want to be first to open.
The word as used today commonly means “a person in his or her dotage” (dotage is “a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness”). Dotard, which comes from the Middle English word doten (meaning “to dote”), initially had the meaning of “imbecile” when it began being used in the 14th century.
He always wanted Trump Administration to be below it and see it destroyed, wich is making everything to do this.
Connecting to Russia is his big mistake and he think that could win a war with USA.
Trump called the North Korean dictator a “mad man” and “rocket man” during the endorsement speech for Strange, echoing insults the president made against Kim earlier this week at the United Nations General Assembly.

“I believe the best path to the most peaceful world are proud, independent sovereign nations that respect their people,” Trump said to the Alabama crowd.

“We can’t have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place,” he added. “And, by the way, rocket man should’ve been handled a long time ago … This shouldn’t be handled now, but I’m going to handle it because we have to handle it.”

“Little rocket man,” the president continued. “We’re going to do it because we really have no choice. He’s talking about a massive weapon exploding over the ocean … which causes tremendous calamity.”

Trump did suggest that diplomatic solutions with North Korea over its weapons programs could be reached, saying “maybe something gets worked out and maybe it doesn’t.” But he appeared to walk that back almost immediately by adding, “Personally, I’m not sure that it will.”

Trump’s remarks Friday night, came several hours after he tweeted that Kim was a “madman” who would be “tested like never before.”

As our team would want to end this fight between this two states, but there arent two they are very states involved in this fight and isnt easy to end up.
In our opinion North Korea want a new supreme leader or to create a new administration with a prime minister and not a supreme wich has all the power.The dynasty of Kim Jong Un should end and all are doing this so.
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The world should not forget this period of time that is all struggling people around the globe and to be very responsive from their actions.

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