Ed Sheeran’s Bodyguard Humorously Instagrams His Life With The Singer

Ed Sheeran is a music famous person. And which means individuals are clawing on the Grammy winner wherever he goes. However if you wish to get your mitts on Sheeran, you’re going to should undergo his bodyguard, Kevin Myers, first. 

Sheeran employed safety in 2015 after followers began “getting a bit of grabby.” Most likely a good suggestion. And in case you’re going to have a bodyguard, why not make it one who can entertain you after you’ve spent the day entertaining everybody else?

Myers began an Instagram account on April 7 to doc his life as Sheeran’s muscle, and he’s actually entertaining. It doesn’t appear to be Myers will get to rub shoulders with celebrities fairly often. He’s often within the background holding a detailed eye on Sheeran, because the pictures typically hilariously present.

The very best factor about this account, although, is the goofy pictures of he and Sheeran cheesing for the digital camera and photobombing each other. It appears like he’s not simply Sheeran’s bodyguard; the 2 of them look like the most effective of pals. 

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