6 Terrifying Facts About Kim Jong-Un That Are Actually True

Kim Jong-Un is the most discussed dictator of today. Even if he is the leader of North Korea and it seems to us that everything is very easy for him, he has a very hard and difficult job. The dictator life is very complicated and requires a despot to monitor an entire nation of millions, controlling the secret service, employing military troops, and to make an elaboration of all the information to make the right chose for his country.

But the dictator power om his country is unlimited. He can kill, torture, lie and do everything he think is good for the nation, and all this power some time can lead to massive destruction of the nation, economic destruction, mentally or it can lead even on the destruction of the human mind.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, son of the ‘Dear Leader  Who is a Perfect Incarnation of  the Appearance that a Leader Should Have’ Kim Jong-II, he has the title of the Supreme Dictator.

Unlike other hard-working dictators, Kim Jong-Un makes it look the job of a dictator very easy, and he is so amazing at his job that is will not bother anyone the list of 12 bizarre or non-bizarre facts about him.

  1. The Only General in the World Without Military Experience

The Supreme Leader has no military credits or experience but still control all the military forces, nuclear weapons, and due to his hard-working and intelligence he is considered a ‘Daejang’ that in North Korea is the same title of a General in the United States Armed Forces. He is in control of one of the fourth most dangerous military forces of all the world including 1.1 million active members, and the world’s largest military reserves, numbering 8 million.


  1. Underwent Cosmetic Surgery to Resemble Eternal Leader Grandfather

According to leaks, some speculations says that the Supreme Leader has done plastic surgery to look alike his grandfather the Eternal Leader Kim II-Sung. The Korean Central News Agency stayed in silence, assuming that this is an ‘unimaginable’ fact and a ‘hideous criminal act which the party, states, army and people can never tolerate’ they assume that this fact is impossible because the Supreme Leader is already perfect in all imaginable ways, and has no need for plastic surgery.

  1. China Believes World’s Youngest Leader is Sexiest Man Alive

Supreme Leader became the Youngest dictator of all history after the unexpected early than planned death of his father, which according to his is fault of the Americans and South Korea, due to non-existent historical records. And this was the cause that made him the youngest dictator of all the time on the age of 30. Not that he needed more experience, wisdom or training. In addition to being born ready to be Supreme Leader. China also picked up The Onion’s statistic made in North Korea, and claiming Kim Jong-Un the sexiest dictator of all history, by asking the women of Korea. And the women said that he was born to be the sexiest man of all history.

  1. Michael Jordan Obsession

Supreme Leader grew up as a huge fan of basketball, especially the NBA and Michael Jordan. His friends say that when he was in high school he was the best player in the school. He has won every match and never loss. But his skills were so good that he was believed to be the mimicking of Kobe Bryant.

  1. Kim Jong-Un’s Feminists’ Paradise and Children’s Heaven Nation

One of the craziest thing Kim Jong-Un has done was applying his youthful experience and newfound sense of empathy to allow women to wear earrings, pants and platform shoes.

Children are also happy because they have the faith to prove the delicious inventions of their Supreme Leader, thing such as: hamburgers, French fries and pizza.

He even seeks to court the youth vote. Even he is the only participant and has won every election.

  1. He’s Not Insane – He’s Power Mad

Despite all the strange, off-beat and tragic news consistently streaming out of the DPRK, it appears that the number one priority of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is the maintenance of his power at all costs.

In addition to executing an ex-girlfriend, killing a deputy of defense with mortars and unleashing the hounds on his uncle – not to mention nuclear proliferation – Supreme Leader goes as far as completely erasing his enemies from public records by airbrushing pictures of official photos. All of the actions that the Supreme Leader undertakes, whether they’re violent or bizarre, are carefully calculated efforts to maintain the status quo for the third generation of charismatic dictatorship within the DPRK.

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